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Defence Innovation Hub: Special Notice - Next-Gen Wireless

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Defence Innovation Hub: Special Notice - Next Generation Deployed Wireless Environment

Defence Innovation Hub (Hub), an initiative of the Australian Government’s Department of Defence (Defence) has been established to support Australian companies, businesses, and academic and research organisations in the collaborative development of innovative solutions with the potential to enhance Australian Defence Force capability.

A Special Notice allows a Defence Business Unit that has a specific problem or technical challenge to utilise the Defence Innovation Hub as a platform for engaging industry to solve that problem.


A Special Notice aims to:

- provide a vehicle to allow Defence business units to define a problem to the market to be addressed under a tailored approach to market

- allow industry to provide innovative solutions to capability challenges that would otherwise go unnoticed.

- leverage the innovative capacity of a wide spectrum of Australian business to solve the problem rather than only established Defence centric businesses.


The Army Land Network Integration Centre (LNIC) has a role to inform the Army’s networking decisions and support the development of Army’s Land Network Capability. This Special Notice is seeking to identify innovative solutions that may be developed and trialled in collaboration with LNIC and Vendor/s, in order to procure an integrated next generation deployed wireless solution that provides improved capability for the Army. 


The immediate opportunity for Industry Vendors is to apply for funded development of suitable solutions with LNIC, targeting a Brigade-scale field trial (of up to 50 nodes) with Army in mid-2018. The LNIC is seeking submissions from Industry for a Next Generation Deployed Wireless Environment suitable for use in the deployed land environment for use up to Secret AUSTEO. 


LNIC will select one or more eligible Solutions/Vendors that meet assessment criteria to participate in the funded development and trial of solutions to the challenge in the period up to mid-2018. 

Please note that no procurement documentation is available on AusTender and you cannot submit a proposal using AusTender. You must use the site to view all documentation and submit a proposal.

Other Instructions:

Respondents will be able to submit a proposal through Defence’s online Innovation portal. The portal, and further information about the Hub's procurement processes, can be accessed at:

Conditions for Participation:

Respondents must have a valid ABN or NZBN in order to participate in the Hub procurement process.

Timeframe for Delivery:

Approximately between 12 - 18 months

Address for Lodgement:

Director Innovation Hub Operations

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