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Australia Network, Australia's international television broadcasting and associated digital media services

Australia Network Contact Officer

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Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
43200000 - Components for information technology or broadcasting or telecommunications
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25-Mar-2011 2:00 pm (ACT Local Time)
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Request for Tender

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Australia Network is a free-to-air international television and associated digital media service, which supports Australia’s national interests abroad, as set out in the Statement of Requirement.

The key components of the Services are:

(a) a broadcast encompassing a minimum geographic area;
(b) operation under the Australia Network brand;
(c) continuous 24 hour, 7 day a week programming with a schedule that is diverse, contemporary and up-to-date, of a high quality and relevant to the region, with an initial minimum of 80 percent of Australian content in a 24 hour period;
(d) three (3) separate transmission signals servicing the Pacific, Asia and India to take account of sub-regional time zone and programming variations;
(e) associated digital media services including a sophisticated companion website and other digital media services that are tailored to the target audience; and
(f) provision for 'crawl' and/or 'pull through' messages in times of emergency and/or other important public information bulletins as required at no additional cost by the Australian Government.

Tender documentation is available on the DFAT website at

Other Instructions:

An optional industry briefing will be conducted at 2:00 pm on 11 February 2011.

Registrations are required by email to: by 12 noon on 10 February 2011.

All registered attendees are invited to gather at the main entrance reception area of the R.G. Casey Building no later than 1:40 pm, to enable escorted entry to the briefing room.

No late or unregistered entries will be allowed.

Conditions for Participation:

Tenderers must demonstrate compliance with the following Conditions of Participation:

(a) the Tenderer (and any of its proposed subcontractors) must not be named as not complying with the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act 1999 (Cwlth);
(b) the Tenderer (and any of its proposed subcontractors) must not be named on the list of persons and entities designated as terrorists under the Charter of United Nations (Terrorism and Dealing with Assets) Regulations 2008;
(c) the Tenderer (and any of its proposed subcontractors) must not be bankrupt or insolvent;
(d) the Tenderer (and any of its proposed subcontractors) must not have any judicial decision against it relating to  employee entitlements (not including decisions under appeal), that has not been met in full by the Tenderer; and
(e)  the Tenderer (and any of its proposed subcontractors) must comply with the relevant requirements of the Fair Work Principles.


Timeframe for Delivery:
Execution of contract and commencement of transition-in services from early June 2011.
Estimated Value (AUD):
From $0.00 to $223,100,000.00
Address for Lodgement:

Tender Box (Level 1)

C/- DFAT Security

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

R.G. Casey Building

John McEwen Crescent


Australia Network Contact Officer

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