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Statistical Production Systems Multi-Use List

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Australian Bureau of Statistics
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The Commonwealth of Australia (Commonwealth) represented by the Australian Bureau of Statistics is embarking on a major business transformation to implement large scale innovation for the production of ABS statistics, by standardising and industrialising ABS business capabilities; modernising infrastructure to provide greater functionality, performance and flexibility; and transforming the ABS service model to facilitate greater innovation, more data analysis capabilities and customised service delivery.

More information about this business transformation is available in the following announcement: <>

Current categories are as listed below:

A. Data Acquisition

B. Register, Frame and Sample Management

C. Data Linking

D. Data Coding

E. Data Derivations

F. Output Estimation

G. Output Adjustment

H. Data Analysis

I. Data Validation

J. Confidentialisation

K. Dissemination

L. Statistical process and Workflow Management

M. Statistical Solutions Development

N. Statistical Quality Management

O. Big Data Management

P. Real World Intelligence Creation and Management

Q. Stakeholder Management


Conditions for Participation:

There are no Conditions for Participation.

Other Instructions:

The Statistical Production Systems (SPS) MUL is continuously open to new applicants.

Current participants are:

ADASIS Consulting Pty Ltd

Agileware Pty Ltd

Algenta Technologies LLC dba Colectica

Avoka Technologies Pty Ltd

Business Abstraction Pty Ltd

Catapult BI Pty Ltd

Cray Inc.

CSC Australia Pty Limited

D9 Process Improvement Pty Ltd

EMC Global Holdings Company t/as EMC Australia

Experian Australia Pty Ltd t/as QAS Pty Ltd

First Derivatives Pty Limited

Hewlett-Packard Australia Pty Ltd

Holocentric Pty Ltd

IBM Australia Limited

Liferay Australia Pty Ltd

Lucsan Capital Pty Ltd

Microsoft Pty Ltd

NTT Data Business Solutions Australia Pty Ltd

Oracle Corporation Australia Pty Ltd

Ozedi Holdings Pty Ltd

Pegasystems Limited

Predictive Analytics Group Pty Ltd

PreviousNext Pty Ltd

Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology t/as RMIT University

SAP Australia Pty Ltd

SAS Institute Australia Pty Limited

Semantic Sciences Research Pty Ltd

Space-Time Research Pty Ltd

Teradata Australia Pty Ltd

Technocrat Pty Ltd



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Documentation for inclusion on the SPS MUL is available from AusTender ( search ATM ID ABS2015.286)

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Director, Procurement Services

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